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Did you know that death among Hispanic workers rose from 805 in 2000 to 891 in 2001? (*) Research is showing that many Hispanic workers do not speak English, or are actually reading misleading translations.

Very recently we ran across a Spanish translation from a well renowned training firm in the landscape industry that read (in the Spanish translation): "The challenge that trains". The intended English meaning was: "The training challenge". We also read an email that had the word "left" - the past tense of "to leave" - translated as the word meaning the position opposite to the right. Even worse, we ran across a safety instruction that was advising the reader to do exactly the opposite of what they should do in case of an emergency, when they were exposed to dry lime!

Spanish is a complex language. Like the English language, it cannot be translated literally or word by word. That's why software translators don't work. A mistranslation or misleading information in legal information, safety instructions or regarding your product or service can result in serious problems!

Our advice: don't risk it.
When the occasion arises, hire professional translators.

An accurate and professional translation MUST show:

  1. Excellent Grammar
  2. Excellent Spelling
  3. Knowledge of both languages and of the subject of the translation.

As college degreed, native Spanish speakers with over 25 years of experience, we offer you mastery of the Spanish language, professional experience in legal, financial and general translations. We have translated Policy Manuals, safety instructions, financial statements and legal documents for local, national and international customers. We also have experience translating the paperwork required by Immigration to foreigners requesting visas or change of status.

We have experience interpreting (simultaneous translations) at the job site, in hospitals, offices and courts in Louisiana.

Humberto Tovar, our Director for the Translations and Language Training Division, was the official translator for the Venezuelan Embassy in London, New York and Guyana. He holds a degree in Political Sciences (Hunter College, New York) and has worked extensively with international companies. At present, through Hispanic Connection, Mr. Tovar has been assisting commercial companies and legal firms in translations and interpretations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For additional information, please feel free to contact us at htovar@hispanicconnection.org.

(*) Bureau of Labor Statistics

For additional information on translations or interpreting services, please contact us at:
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